DesignerOutletCenter Parndorf

(20 minutes by car away from us)
Discover designer brands always 30% – 70% cheaper. In a tasteful ambience, international designer brands are presented in 170 exclusive designer stores.

Shopping City Süd

(20 minutes by car away from us)
Shopping paradise, including cinema and restaurants.


Spa Vienna

In the fall of 2010 opened one of the most modern city spa in Europe – the Spa Vienna. Besides high-quality wellness services it provides about 4.000 square meters of water, 3.000 square meters sauna area and a 6.000 square meter health care area.

Neusiedler See

(30 minutes by car away from us)
Swimming, surfing, sailing paradise of nature reserve. In winter, ice skating paradise for nature lovers. Enjoy the “sea” of the Viennese and numerous refreshment facilities with regional specialities and wine tastings. Lake Neusiedl, a steppe lake, is an Exotic among European waters. It is the largest natural pool in the country, after all, covers 320 sq km of water area and reeds.

Nationalpark Donau Auen

The national park between Vienna and Bratislava are under protection since 1996. Current offers for visitors:



The archaeological site Carnuntum near Vienna / Schwechat is the most important Roman settlement on Austrian territory, situated between the present communities Petronell Carnuntum and Bad Deutsch-Altenburg. Today, the archeological park is a popular visitor attraction, where you can dive into the world of the ancient Romans.

Schloss Orth

The medieval water castle was once the hunting seat of the Habsburg family. Now the castle presents itself in new splendor. It now houses the National Park Centre, the event center, the museum Orth and the tourism office of the town Orth.

Schloss Hof

Schloss Hof is Austria’s largest baroque palace in the countryside and is located in Lower Austria. Built by Prince Eugene of Savoy, and later country seat of Empress Maria Theresia. The current program for guides, events etc. you find here: